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Free SEO Scan

Alyze is a free SEO scan tool. In a fraction of a second, it builds an on-page analysis to improve your SEO. Keywords optimization , pages configuration , links audit, images and network information: our online tool performs a free SEO analysis, complete and almost instantaneous.

Powerful Keywords Analysis

Keywords are the basis of SEO. Alyze helps web writers and SEOs with advanced density calculations and explanations to better understand how Google and other search engines see a site.

Continuous development

Alyze follows SEO trends.
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SEO analysis of your links

Google builds its ranking with the links found on the web. Our tool dissects all the links found on the page and groups them into internal links and external links. Each link is analyzed with regard to its SEO capability.

More optimized images

Images have an importance often overlooked by SEO-oriented creators. Alyze proposes to analyze the capacity of your images to be scan by Google (attributs alt, title, file name, etc.).

Network Optimization

The speed of your site are fundamental for your visitors and for a good SEO. To help you optimize your site, Alyze displays its loading speed, its weight related to its content, the IP address of your server, its HTTP response, etc.

A reference tool since 2008

Alyze helps professionals and individuals to design SEO friendly websites for almost 10 years.

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